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The Bears of Texas, available on Kindle

Texas bears have had a rough time since the arrival of people, but in spite of disappearing habitat, 200 years of efforts to destroy them, and the endless challenges that Nature poses, the bears hang on. This book tells their story, from pre-human times to the present. Our own history intertwines with theirs: we often compete for the same land and resources, and the bears usually lose the battle, although the struggle continues.

When Worlds Collide: The Troubled History of Bears and People in Texas encompasses Texana, natural history, and Southwestern history and will interest people people who like to dig into Texas history and who enjoy nature, the outdoors, and the unmatched thrill of a bear sighting in the wild. Emily Willingham, biologist, writer, and only occasionally repentant Texan, wrote this book based on primary and secondary print sources and interviews with the people who know the bears of Texas best.